consignment guidelines

We are excited to sell only the very best of your items!

In order to maintain only the highest of quality for our customers, consignors must make sure merchandise adheres to the following guidelines:

Clothing & Shoes:

  • Sizes accepted: Newborn through youth 12 AND all maternity sizes
  • Freshly-laundered
  • No wrinkles
  • No stains
  • No tears
  • No pilling
  • No smoke or pet smell
  • No missing buttons
  • No hair or lint
  • Clothing must be tagged and hung on hangers according to our tagging guidelines.
  • Swimsuits, snow gear, and costumes are accepted year round.
  • We are VERY PICKY with shoes.  They must be new or in near-perfect shape.  The only exceptions to this would be dance shoes and cleats.

Toys, Gear & Furniture:

  • Clean! Clean! Clean!  Wipe down all hard surfaces and wash all fabric inserts.
  • Fully-operational (no dead or missing batteries)
  • No excessive wear or fading
  • No missing parts
  • Must have functioning batteries if necessary
  • You will be required to completely assemble all merchandise for display.
  • No items that are expired or have been recalled.

Items we don’t accept:

  1. Clothing that is not in style.
  2. Anything with stains, odors (ex: cigarette smoke, musty smells, etc.), tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.
  3. Undergarments (unless new in package).
  4. Misses or adult clothing
  5. Happy meal toys.
  6. Any recalled items.
  7. Teethers or Pacifiers (unless new in package).
  8. Battery operated items without batteries.
  9. Any movies without sleeve or case.
  10. Any item not related to kids or maternity.
  11. Cribs without a crib waiver.
  12. Car seats without a car seat waiver.

32 Comments on “consignment guidelines”

    • If you are consigning a car seat, we will give you a waiver to fill out upon your drop-off. It asks basic questions about the car seat, such as “Has the car seat been in an accident?” and “How old is the car seat?” Remember to bring (or print out if you can’t find yours) the manual too! 🙂

  1. I am considering consigning and shopping for the first time and have a few questions. Do you normally have a good selection of boys size 10 & 12? Are boys youth size large and x-large accepted for example name brand skate/surf T-shirts? Thank you!

    • To be honest, that is a section that is normally a bit lacking at our sale and we would love to have more! Yes, we accept boys size large and x-large t-shirts. We would love to have you be a part of our sale!

  2. When looking at the pricing guidelines, what does it mean next to basic onesies (minimum of 3)? Do we have to place 3 onesies together to sell in a group? What if it is a graphic onesie?

  3. I’m a first time consigner. May we consign blankets and towels? And if so, how would you like us to prepare them?

    • Yes you may! We have an area for bedding and an area for bath items at the sale. You can either put them a plastic bag or just tag them and fold them up. Happy to have you joining us!

  4. Is there a maximum amount of items that we can consign? (I’m just wondering how many items can be approved in 30 minutes)

  5. This sounds like an amazing sale. Can’t wait. If my daughter n law makes it to the pre sale, can I go with her?

  6. Hangers go with the item purchased but consignors can grab hangers from the community box when they come pick up their unsold items. 😉

    Checking discount item means it will automatically be reduced to half price for the last 2 hours of the sale (Saturday 2-4 pm).

    • Also, I had to drop out of this sale because my husband had surgery and needs attention. Can I bring what I prepared for next sale, including last sale’s tagged stuff?

      • I meant, can I bring what I prepared for this sale to next sale? Do you know when next Sale will be? Thank you!

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